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Window tinting is a great addition to your auto, house or commercial building that comes with a lot of benefits. Window Tinting Corona, provides the lates tint and film solutions.

 Auto Tinting Benefits.

There are many benefits that come with tinting your vehicle, some of which are:

  • Privacy.
  • Cosmetic.
  • Synthetic.
  • Keep your car cooler in the summer.
  • Protection from the sun.

Many states has regulations and laws on how private your tint can be, if you are not careful you can end up breaking the law. To prevent getting a ticket make sure you find out your city’s regulation in regards to the maximum percentage you can tint your car.At window tinting corona we will let you know all the pros and cons.

 Residential window Tinting Benefits.

All the benefits above are applicable to the residential window tinting benefits in addition I will add energy saver, especially if you have a lot of windows in your house, in the summer time if you live in places where it gets really hot, tinting your windows will keep your house cooler so you will get the benefits of natural light (sun light) and your house won’t get too hot. For more information about residential tint please contact any of our stuff at window tinting corna.

 Commercial Window Tinting Benefits.

Commercial window tinting comes with great benefits, having the right window film will add something very important to your commercial building, which is giving it great professional look which will make renting it to potential clients easier.

Different Types of Window Tinting Film.

Window Tinting Corona, have the latest window tint technologies and films, here is the different types of window film:

Dyed tinting film, it is meant for look, it has the least heat reduction percentage.

Hybrid tinting film or it is also knowing as 3M film, it is the most popular due to its charcoal color and the fact that this film has a metal layer; make it better for keeping the inside of your car, house or commercial building cooler because of its ability of heat reduction.

Carbon tinting film usually used on sports cars because it make them even look sportier over all it is beautiful looking film, it also have the ability of eliminating heat and it is able to eliminate up to 40% of the heat that suppose to come into your property,

Ceramic tinting film this is one of the newest tint film technologies and the technology that this film uses (nano-ceramic) make this film thicker than most other film, however it reduces up to 2 times the heat reduced by other types of window tinting films, without being too dark.

Crystalline film, by far this is the best film in the market today, it is a little pricy but if you can afford it then you should not choose any tint film other the Crystalline. It has the best technology invested in it that combine more than 200 layers. This type of tint film Blocks about 60% of the heat coming thru the windows and reject about 97% of the infra-red heat light produced by the sun.

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